Salvation Story

When I was 19 I was living in Texas  was laying  down on my bed one night wanting to listen to an explicit radio program. During that night would not pick up that particular radio station, so I started scanning the different stations.. Something caught my attention on KIXL 970 AM. the Radio Show was 66/40 / Chuck Missler. I do not remember what episode it was. I just remember it being technical in nature.

The next day I started earlier on that same station and started listening to Thru the Bible With J, Vernon Mcgee, Precepts for Life Radio Show w/ Kay Arthur(Except back then I believe that show had a different name), Focus on the Family, and Renewing Your Mind w/ RC Sproul. It took around 2 weeks of listening to those programs to really understand I was a sinner in need of saving and conviction as well as belief came. While listening to the programs I heard about the Gospel and how a person needed to be saved. I prayed “God, I am a sinner and I need your help to change my heart and to become a better person. I need your mercy and grace for the rest of my life. Help me not hurt people anymore.  Amen”.