Life Story

I have decided to write this to allow the people who are interested in me as a christian and a human being to get to know me. I have become aware most people in my life right now have absolutely no clue as to who I am as a person, they know my character, however they don’t know how I will react to things. Sometimes getting to know someone is easier when you know the persons history.

Let’s see, where should I start.

I was diagnosed with a very mild case of cerebral palsy when I was 2 yrs old. What this basically means I have a very mild speech impediment. (I can make myself understood when you are patient with me.) While I am able to walk, I still have some difficulty with mobility. My reaction time to any stimuli is fairly slow as well. I did not learn how to walk until I was 2.

I was molested when I was four. I remember the age because this happened before I was hit by a car when I was five. I know this because I have a bad leg because of the accident and I remember my leg being normal when it happened.

The day of the accident. I first asked my mother if I could go to  a friends house, she told me no. So I went and asked my father, he told me no as well. I decided to go anyway. This act of disobedience has hurt me throughout my life, I was hit by a car because of it.

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